Turn your online payment processings easier with us

Offering a hassle free and effortlessly transaction services

Bancx helps you send and receive money at international level for your personal and professional purposes.

Transfer hassle free payments Add money to your wallet


Individual Transactions

Bancx helps you to pay bills securely for your personal needs and easily and hassle free. With a Bancx account you can pay your electronics to shopping bills easily.

Business Transactions

Now with a secure platform, turn your business transactions process into an advanced and robust process. Our experts help to streamline your business transactions and manage records of third parties.

Crypto/ Trading Account

Manage your all trading accounts easily including BCCN, BTC, LTC and ETH. Trade with your currency and send and receive directly in the trading accounts.

24*7 Access to Withdrawal

Leverage all the benefits of modern technologies, offering 24*7 withdrawal services from bank and trading accounts easily and effortlessly.

ACH ( Instant Payment )

Now send and receive instant payments through ACH technology, to meet your desires, we offer you instant services and less time consuming process.

QR Scanning

Transfer payment through QR scanning with your Smart Devices including Android and iOS.

BancX connects buyers and sellers.


BancX offers you a secure and robust way to transfer money from one account to another on an international level. It supports B2B and C2C services with 24/7 fraud prevention. Now easily sign up and transfer your amount worldwide, on your fingertips.

Advantages of BancX

1) Easy Sign up
2) International Transactions
3) Trading Accounts
4) Customer to customer services
5) Business to business services
6) Add amount to your wallet
7) Secure payment

Trading Account with BancX

Our experts designed the Bancx platform in such a way that it supports all types of transactions. BancX motive is to offer an opportunity to our customers to deal in all types of transactions which also includes cryptocurrency trading including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. We allow you to transfer the amount of your currency in your account or can also transfer the same currency in the same trading account.

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